I just loved watching you

May 11, 2013

There you were, so small and new Little bundle in your crib I just loved watching you Blueberries everywhere, cottage cheese, too Everyday, the little things I just loved watching you Taking small steps, Mom, what do I do? Come to me, my baby girl I just loved watching you You smile at me, I […]

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Daddy’s Girl

February 18, 2013

How could it possibly be three years already? Miss you, Dad. More than I can say. A few months ago, My Girl and I were playing with The Cutest Little Baby in the Whole Wide World and she said to me, “Grandpa would’ve just loved her.” And I could just see it, you playing with […]

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Shelter from the Storm

February 17, 2013

Some people look at life like the weather – it’s just there and there’s nothing you can do about it. But real life has a difference. Yes, things happen, but it’s the attitude that you bring with you that makes the climate of your life. And even if it gets really cloudy, the sun eventually […]

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The Sun is Strong

February 12, 2013

Life is good these days.  Wonderfully good in a “can you believe how incredibly fortunate we are?” sort of a way.  After working together and dealing with some difficult circumstances early in our relationship, we grew stronger and the past few years have been really good ones. In recent weeks, The Best Man and I […]

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Cutest little baby in the whole wide world

November 11, 2012

I am goofy. It is true. Every time I pick up my phone and see this picture, I turn it towards my husband and say, “Look! Cutest little baby in the whole wide world!” And he always agrees, because he is The Best Man. I find writing very therapeutic. Getting thoughts out there helps me […]

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