More Sunny, Less “Anyway”

by Cin on September 4, 2010

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
– Socrates

The Best Man jokes that I’m solar-powered, but he’s right. One of the reasons that I love where we live is that it has an average of 297 sunny days per year.

But not this year. Not this summer, anyway. We had a beautiful springtime with warm, sunny days and the promise of more to come. Then June arrived and the promise of summer fizzled out. It’s been unusually mild and too often a day that starts out looking great suddenly clouds up and we have to rethink our plans – maybe we’ll hike next weekend or Shakespeare in the Park isn’t such a good idea tonight. So it’s been a summer with too much time indoors and less time out there enjoying the world.

So I’m taking a walk enjoying the sunny half of today and noticing that a few of the trees are starting to turn already. And while I walk, I’m thinking about this blog and noticing that it, too, hasn’t always been as sunny as expected. I find the parallels interesting and come back in and start writing.

When I started this blog in January, my intent was to focus primarily on sunny things and poke some fun at some of the silly negative things going on out there and make a case for staying positive anyway. But then in February, my Dad died and the weather of my life changed for a while.

Losing a parent is one of those kind of events that make you take another look at your own life. Looking through hundreds of family photographs to put together a slide show for the memorial, I saw myself at various ages and compared “me, then” to “me, now” and that led to some interesting moments of reflection.

Add to that the fact that my personal circumstances are such that I am free to recreate my life and career in any direction that I want, and in many ways I feel like a kid again. My relationship is young, I live in a new city, I’m making new friends, the whole world is open to me. And yet I’d look at different roads that I might take and find myself a little hesitant, worrying about the weather, so to speak. Might it rain? Could rain. It’s rained before. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to rain this time. And I’d write a post about the storm that I weathered way back when.

And in the process I’ve realized a few things. First, my own life has been the equivalent of 297+ sunny days per year, far better than most. And second, I’ve collected some pretty awesome rain gear over the years. Seriously, I can get through anything and come out the other side shining.

So let the elements do what they will, I’m ready, come rain or come shine.

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