Sunny with a chance

by Cin on July 23, 2010

Weather has a lot to do with our activities this time of year. If it turns windy or cold, or if it threatens to rain, we put the picnic off until another day.

In other words, if the weather is bad there’s little chance of a successful outdoor summer adventure.

Same thing with life. If you’re cloudy or rainy or stormy with flashes of lightning, the chances of successful adventures of any kind are greatly diminished, especially if those adventures involve interacting with other people.

It’s easy to look at your emotions like the weather and say that they just come upon you and you can’t do anything about them. But that’s not really true. Real-life weather you can’t control. Emotional weather? That responds to you. You can always change your outlook. It’s not always easy, but you can do it.

Sadness, bitterness, cynicism, hostility, regret – all of that can be left at the side of the road and can eventually be replaced by warmth, calm, and optimism.

And if you’re sunny, you’ve got a chance.

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