Happy Trails to You

by Cin on July 20, 2010

Most mornings I start the day writing in my journal. I find it refreshing to just knock out a few pages of whatever’s on my mind, but sometimes laugh at myself for covering the same ground many different times even if it’s with a slightly new twist. I did that this morning and then realized that life is a lot like hiking in the mountains near my home.

You start off with a general idea of your destination, but you don’t really know what it’s going to be like when you get there. Maybe you’ve read a trail guide and have some idea of what’s along the way and the amount of effort involved, but you don’t really know because you haven’t done it before. And so with some enthusiasm and maybe a bit of wariness you start hiking.

All along the way there are things that make you go, “Wow, this is amazing! I’ve never seen this before – it’s beautiful!” And you go farther and climb higher and there are new discoveries and amazing things to see.

Does seeing a new wonderful thing in life diminish what you’ve seen before? No, it’s just a new phase of the hike. And even if you’ve been on that path before, it’s a different time of day or a different season, or you’re in better shape than you were before, or you’re just looking at it differently.

Some parts of the hike are harder than others. Sometimes you only go so far then turn back and decide to try again another day. Some paths are harder and involve more effort and more risk and they require you to be a stronger person. But the rewards are worth it and the view from whatever point you reach is generally good.

And the best news is that you get stronger and are able to take on the steeper paths and reach new vistas. Or you can travel the familiar paths with more ease. It’s really up to you.

So don’t just sit there looking at the picture books and trail guides from other people’s hikes – put your boots on and get out there and do your own hikes. Enjoy the view – and the sun.

Happy trails.

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