Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

by Cin on June 27, 2010

Today was one of those sunny, life-affirming summer days.

We started out with breakfast at our favorite place which was absolutely packed, but we love it and everyone was pretty cheerful about it all. These folks run a charming little diner that has genuine funky diner furniture in a wild assortment of colors and styles, a menu with a sense of humor, and an energetic young staff that is as sunny as can be. They put little bits of sweet potato in their home fries and a sprig of rosemary livens up the orange wedge on your plate and we always walk away feeling physically full and mentally recharged. Not only that, but there is something about going out with The Best Man and talking about life over a cup of coffee or a plate of good food that makes me realize all over again that I am one lucky woman.

We went for a walk down by the river and the paths were full of people out enjoying themselves: Young families biking with toddlers in tow, people walking their dogs, runners and power walkers, friends chatting a mile a minute, couples hand-in-hand. There were people sunning themselves on the beach, people rafting on the river, people playing games, people spreading out picnics and grilling food.  People, alive and active and enjoying the sun.

And when you add to that a Rocky Mountain Raspberry Swirl ice cream cone, who can argue that the world isn’t absolutely perfect?

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