Perfect Enough

by Cin on May 28, 2010

We’ll love you
Just the way you are
If you’re perfect
– Alanis Morrisette

Some days it seems that everyone is very busy trying to be something they’re not. The friend with straight hair is distressed, feeling that her looks would be so much better if her hair had more body, while the friend with curly hair is going to great lengths to straighten hers. Too tall, too short, big butt, no butt, wrong hair, wrong skin, wrong lips, wrong nose, wrong fingernails, weird toes. And then there’s the personality stuff: too neat, too messy, compulsive, disorganized, not smart enough, not artistic enough, not creative enough, not spontaneous enough, not accomplishing enough, not a good enough cook, not a good enough housekeeper, not a good enough parent – and thoroughly and completely stressed out.

It’s great to try to improve yourself and make life better for yourself and others. But beating yourself up in the process doesn’t accomplish anything, says the former Queen of Beating Oneself Up. <wink!> The thing to do is to have at least one good friend who will tell you to just stop it, that you’re perfect just the way you are, and who believes it. (If you can’t think of anyone, I volunteer.)

And then be that person for other people.

“Hey, stop that! You’re my friend, and nobody is allowed to put down my friends.” It’s great to hear and even better to say.

Because we’re all perfect enough.
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