Seasons of Love

by Cin on May 20, 2010

This post is not a metaphor for love or life or anything like that – it is actually about the weather.

After decades of life in California, I moved to a place that has real seasons. It’s not like when I grew up in LA where winter was defined as “that time of year where it occasionally rains” and snow was something you drove to, skied on, and left in the mountains. And everyone who knows me will find this surprising, but this sun-worshipper is now a convert to four-season living.

Don’t get me wrong. Summer is still my hands-down favorite and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around in my sandals last weekend. I love warmth and blue skies and road trips and eating outdoors and every summertime activity you can imagine.

But then the days get shorter and there’s a nip in the air. Everything turns golden and the world feels a bit cozier. It’s a time for yummy sweaters and walks in the woods and warm drinks and catching up with good friends. It’s a busy time, full of anticipation as the new school year starts and everyone starts looking forward to the first snow.

Winter is magical and constantly changing. It’s dark and snow is falling in fat, heavy flakes. Then the sun shines and everything  sparkles. When it’s windy and fierce and you huddle indoors with a good book. Then you bundle up and venture out to play or ski or walk across a frozen lake.

Then it starts getting warmer things begin to thaw. It’s a fickle, gradual change. The snow starts melting and the ice on the river begins to break up. Then an unexpected storm adds more snow and everyone grumbles, but then it’s gone quickly and one day – pop! Spring is here and everything goes from brown to green in a matter of days. Wildflowers burst out of nowhere and people do, too. Everyone’s out biking or walking the dog.

And gradually the days get longer and the sun more reliably warm and one day you realize that summer has finally arrived and you embrace it with everything you’ve got.

Maybe having four seasons makes you appreciate each one more. Now that I have winter, I love summer more than ever. Kinda like how difficult times make you appreciate…Oops! It looks like we ended up with a metaphor for life again – anyway.

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