Clouds? What clouds?

by Cin on June 1, 2010

There are a few people who would like this blog to be something else – a cloudless sky where nothing bad has ever happened to anybody and there are no bad people in the world.

And while I’m the first person to say that the last thing we need here on Earth is more bitter complaining, there is a difference between snarkiness and simply talking about something. It all has to do with intention. Are you trying to bring someone down and make them less or are you trying to make things better?

Me? Sometimes I have to speak up. I’ve seen too many good projects go down the drain because no one was willing to say anything bad about anybody. When I see 98 good people keeping their mouths shut while 2 crazy people drive customers away or otherwise undo everyone else’s good work, I have to ask myself if this complete refusal to ever be “negative” is really a good thing.

And I believe in facing life, clouds and all. I believe doing so makes us stronger and more fully alive.

On the other side, there are people who only feel “honest” if they point out all of the flaws in everything. That doesn’t work for me, either, because, with all honesty, most flaws just aren’t important enough to talk about.

So I take it on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it’s best to say something; sometimes not.

You will see me talk about bad things that have happened to other people, bad experiences that I’ve had, and other things that one might consider negative but the overall point is always positive. The human spirit is an amazing thing: we can face anything, overcome anything, and create great things. But to do that, sometimes we have to face some nasty storms. (Or not. Some people just find a nice beach and think we explorers are crazy. But that’s another post.)

If I’ve sailed a particularly rough patch of ocean and found a safe passage, I’ll write about it. But know that when I talk about Unlovely Ritas and such that it’s just to illustrate a point.

So, it’s “Sunny, Anyway” not “Sunny all the time because clouds don’t exist and don’t even mention them” and I’m glad that most of you like that.

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