So what is “sunny,” anyway?

by cin on February 5, 2010

If you look it up, “sunny” is most often defined as:

  • cheerful, upbeat, as in a “sunny disposition” or
  • full of sunshine, as in a “sunny room”

But it can also mean “like or resembling the sun” which means sunny is these things:

  • Warm – taking away the chill, making things comfortable and cozy, making people feel relaxed and welcome
  • Light – illuminating, getting rid of darkness and shadows
  • Life-giving – providing the energy to help things grow and thrive
  • Constant – there, every day, no matter what, sometimes less visible but always, always there.

Do you know someone like this? Write to them today and say thanks.

Do you know no one like this? Perhaps all they need is a bit of sun from you to help the seed grow.

Yes, I am annoyingly optimistic.  Deal with it.

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1 Carla Spacher February 5, 2010 at 2:21 pm


What a great blog!!! I look forward to more of your inspiring words. I loved the “Constant” definition. It reminded me of my husband. I may use this in his Valentine’s Day card!

Keep up the great work!


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