“Smile too much?” What’s up with that?

by Cin on June 27, 2010

I am not a perfect person by any means.  I tend to procrastinate.  I’m a little messy.  For the most part, people have been quite tolerant and forgiving of my faults.  Even when I do something really stupid, people are surprisingly nice about it.

But you know what’s caused the most wrath to be hurled in my direction?



There was the camping trip where one of the Unlovely Ritas glares at me and says, “God, you’re happy in the morning, too? I could just strangle you. Someone needs to sneak into your tent and smother you with a pillow.”

Or the Rita who said flatly that she didn’t trust me because I smiled too much.

Or the really psycho Rita who…oh never mind.

The point is that there’s nothing wrong with a real, genuine smile.  Anyone who lashes out at you for smiling, or who tries to make you feel bad for being happy or for doing well, is a deeply troubled soul.  Recognize that it is their problem, not yours.

And keep smiling.

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