Look Who’s Here!

by Cin on April 8, 2010

Writing is an interesting activity because you’re communicating to someone who you rarely see and who rarely responds.  In my previous employment as a technical writer creating online help for software companies we used to joke that we got paid for writing things that nobody ever read – really, who ever reads the instructions?

But that’s the fear when you write, particularly when you write something that matters to you.  (Yes, I confess that online help really didn’t matter all that much to me.  Sorry, guys.)  Is anybody out there? Are they listening? Or am I just writing for myself?

My youngest sister is a devoted follower, as are a few friends who’ve emailed me and a few more who’ve made comments, but mostly I’ve viewed this as a small activity, a bit of an experiment.

And then today I find out that there are actually a few hundred people who have visited this blog a few thousand times.  Wow, that totally makes my day.

So I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re out there and that you keep coming back. Drop me a line sometime.  Two-way communication is good, too.

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