Do you believe like I believe?

by cin on March 9, 2010

There’s this mountain that we’re all climbing, looking for something at the top that explains the universe to us.

We choose our own paths. Some are difficult and rocky. Some are slow and gradual. We travel alone or with friends. We make progress. We backslide. Some of us are just enjoying the journey without too much worry about what’s at the top. Others of us are passionate about the climb and the destination. Some believe that the journey is a waste of time or that there’s no mountain at all, so let’s just stay here on the beach.

Some paths have very specific rules and practices, others are more freeform.  But we all have something in common, we believe in something better.

Now it’s up to you to decide if your something better is a better life here on Earth, or working for something in the Hereafter, or maybe a journey of many lives culminating in some spiritual state, or some or all of the above.

Some days I’m Native American, walking along the river sensing the life force flowing through everything. Other days, I’m more of a Hindu, mindful of my karma. I cannot enter a cathedral without being in awe of the spiritual forces that inspired such amazing art.

I believe in their hearts people are basically good.  I believe in the ultimate power of good over evil.  I believe in Life.  And magic. 😉

But what I believe most is in your right to decide for yourself. However hard that may be, if we could all just let each person decide for themselves and let them be, wouldn’t the world be a calmer, nicer place?

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