“Sunny” isn’t “shallow”

by cin on January 6, 2010

Part of my mission in sticking up for people who look at the bright side of life is combating the negative stereotypes associated with being an optimist.

Like the definition of an optimist as “one too stupid to know better” often put forth by “realists” who insist that “the facts” back up their dark assessment of the world.   We’ll leave the facts that they conveniently omit for another day.

Such people paint optimists as shallow, uninformed airheads – chirpy little insubstantial bits of fluff.

I know the world isn’t perfect.  I know there is loss and sadness, death and destruction, hate and cruelty.   I don’t brush those things aside or pretend they don’t exist.  Dealing with those things is part of life.  But I believe it is a testament to the power of the human spirit to confront all of the nastiness of life and still believe in a better world and a brighter future.

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