Beware! Happiness has Negative Side Effects

by cin on March 2, 2010

Or so says this article, which also could’ve been titled, “How Dare You Be Happy, You Selfish Twit.”

The article was based on a study where they gave 10 raffle tickets to their subjects and found that the happy people were less likely to give away their raffle tickets and labeled them “more selfish” while the sad people were “more generous.”


How about this: the sad people think they have no chance of winning anyway so gave away their worthless raffle tickets.  It’s not quite so generous if you’re giving away something you perceive has no value, is it?

And the assumptions regarding the motives of the happy people are equally bizarre and decidedly unscientific. Who says the happy people weren’t planning on giving the raffle tickets to Mom? Who says that if they won that they weren’t planning on sharing their winnings? The fact is that no one really knows what the happy people were planning but the “researcher” somehow felt comfortable jumping to the conclusion that sunny folks are just plain selfish.

He explained all of this saying “People in a positive mood generally rely more on their own thoughts and preferences, and pay less attention to the outside world and social norms.”

In other words, sunny people think for themselves and aren’t slaves to convention – how horrible! Surely there must be a drug for that, right?

And get this: “A happy person ‘may well benefit from lowered mood while engaging in a task involving detailed information processing.'”  Was that you I heard singing at your desk? Stop it! Stop it, I say!

The study goes on to conclude that happy people aren’t as good with details, are more gullible and are not as good at making persuasive arguments.

Or maybe we’re just too smart to waste time arguing with idiotic, psychobabble junk science. ;D

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1 Carla Spacher March 4, 2010 at 1:04 am

It just goes to show you that happy people are able, know how to provide for themselves, are smart and think postivie! Be happy and be a winner!!! Sunny days to you, you happy person! 🙂

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