You better let somebody love you…

by cin on February 13, 2010

When did Valentine’s Day become open season on men?

Seriously, what’s with all of the complaining about Valentine’s gifts? Right gifts, wrong gifts, “tell us your worst Valentine gift ever” – give me a break!

Somebody loves you! He loves you enough to buy you something he thought you would enjoy.

Enough of the idea that if a man loved you enough that he would guess your heart’s desire. You wonder why men say women drive them crazy? I know more than a few women (not you, of course) who either say nothing or give obscure hints and then pout (or suffer in silence and vent online later) when their man doesn’t deliver.  Love is not a guessing game; and trying to guess when the penalty for not guessing right is a week in the doghouse is enough to make any man a nervous wreck.  And, dare I say this? It’s enough to make a guy just give up trying to make you happy.

Let’s change it up and make love a game where everyone wins.

Somebody loves you!  Let them.

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1 Sally Nutter February 13, 2010 at 4:25 pm

You nailed it!! This is great!

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