I’ll Follow the Sun

by Cin on February 18, 2015

DSC_0354“Yeah, tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun.”

– Lennon and McCartney

Perhaps it’s time to change that subtitle: In-your-face optimist fights back.

Yeah, I was perhaps starting to get a little crabby when I started this blog. I have always been an optimist, it’s just my nature. But there had been circumstances that pushed even my limits and my attitude was becoming more like “Will all of you crazy, negative, hateful, pushy, intolerant people just GO AWAY and let the rest of us just live in peace? C’mon!” 

I was in serious need of a good, long rest in a calm environment.

And…hello, Canada!

Yes, they are incredibly nice here. Polite as their reputation. Very easy-going. And funny in a very good-natured way. Just…nice.

And it’s been good to just relax in a place where I’m appreciated, where I don’t have to prove myself or defend myself. Not much to fight back against here. And what little there is, I can easily handle because The Best Man and other good folks have my back. And I’m my old self again – no, an improved self who is more calm, more focused, and more compassionate. Not so “in your face”.


More another day, perhaps. In the meantime, life is good.


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