Five Years

by Cin on February 18, 2015

sc000ce6a6Hey, Dad.

So I was driving home the other day and thought it would be nice to call you and catch up.


That’s the first time that’s happened. Silly, to be caught unaware like that. To forget that you’re not just a phone call away. That you’ve been gone for five years.

So much has happened. Guess what? You’re a great-grandpa! Her name is Avery and she is a real sparkler – bright, happy, silly – your kind of kid. My Girl and I looked at each other one day and had the same thought: Grandpa would just love her. He should be here.

You should be here.

The kids moved to Seattle a few months ago because The Best Man 2 got a big promotion. You would be so proud of your grandson-in-law. He reminds me so much of you – how hard he works, how he’s built an amazing life for his family out of sheer talent and determination. You’d love their new house and there’s a guest room. They’d love it if you could visit sometime.

You should be here.

Life is so good these days. The Best Man is everything you ever hoped for me. We have such a good life and so much to be thankful for. It would be great if you could come visit, see the mountains, stay awhile. Play golf. I golf now. How about that? But I could really use some pointers.

You should be here.

Kat’s looking at retiring soon, looking at where she wants to live, what she wants to do. Time to get a life. We talk often, but it’s always about what we’re currently doing or what we have planned or something funny that happened. We try living in the present.

But we both know, we all know.

You should be here.



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