The Light Remains…Still

by Cin on February 7, 2015

“It’s interesting to see when a kid walks into the room… does your face light up? That’s what they’re looking for…”

Author Toni Morrison posed this question on Oprah some few years ago and it has always stuck with me.

And it occurred to me recently that this is why I really miss Dad.

It’s something you can’t fake. It’s there. Or it’s not.

There were times Dad didn’t like what I did, but he never didn’t like who I was.

“I’ll never understand how a girl as smart as you can’t remember to keep her goddam bike off the goddam driveway!”

Yes, I sometimes did things that incurred parental frustration – loud frustration, even. But he liked me. Simple as that.

His face lit up.

And it was sunny.





The Light Remains from 2010

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