Daddy’s Girl

by Cin on February 18, 2013

How could it possibly be three years already? Miss you, Dad. More than I can say.

A few months ago, My Girl and I were playing with The Cutest Little Baby in the Whole Wide World and she said to me, “Grandpa would’ve just loved her.” And I could just see it, you playing with her. It should’ve worked out that way. Damn.

But there were so many good times. I was just remembering being at Disneyland, riding the Matterhorn Bobsled roller coaster, loving the speed and the excitement and not being even a little bit afraid. Dad was with me, what could possibly go wrong?

I remember trips to the beach, trips to Tahoe, trips to Illinois – I love road trips to this day because of you.

I remember Christmases and birthdays and graduations. I still have the high school graduation card you gave me signed, “I’m proud. Dad”  And that was such a good thing, knowing you approved of me, that you were proud.

Thanks for everything: your energy, your optimism, your humor, and your hard work. And Kat. I really thank you for her.

How does it go, anyway? Are you laughing at me from some other place? Are you a three-year-old little boy enthusiastically diving back into life? Whatever, you’re still here in my heart. And I will always be your girl.



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1 Alicia February 18, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Another beauty written.

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