Shelter from the Storm

by Cin on February 17, 2013

Some people look at life like the weather – it’s just there and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But real life has a difference. Yes, things happen, but it’s the attitude that you bring with you that makes the climate of your life. And even if it gets really cloudy, the sun eventually wins. You have an influence over the weather.

Now one thing that can happen is that you can be surrounded by people who are victims of their inner storms. Everybody has bad weather days occasionally, and it’s important to offer an umbrella to your friends when this happens. But someone who is always caught in the rain and never ever has umbrella can be a drag and too much of this can leave you all wet. And then there are people who create storms for drama or because they just don’t like the sun. And if you ever meet up with a tsunami person, just run!

Which makes me think of The Best Man. He’s not just sunny weather. He is a safe port in a storm, a well-built house that is warm and cozy, a greenhouse where you can grow and bloom.

That cracks me up, talking about these spiritual qualities like they were physical things. But the analogy works.

Going to go find him now and give him a huge hug. That’s the least he deserves.




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