Like forever and like no time at all

by Cin on June 25, 2012

Sometime in the next month, my daughter will be having a daughter of her own. In her baby blog, she commented that having only a month left seems “like forever and like no time at all.”

Ain’t that the truth?

That’s the great paradox of parenthood, I suppose. One minute they’re singing The Hokey Pokey and then all of a sudden they’re a math teacher. But the cool thing is that you were there for all of it. Well, most of it. You can’t actually physically restrain them to keep them home with you, though I understand the temptation.

While anticipating the new little life joining us soon, it’s been fun to look back. Like how it was the summer of “E.T. – The Extraterrestrial” and how so many people looked at her huge cheeks and commented that she looked like E.T. (in a good way) and how we failed to see that movie on our first try because she spit up all over me at the drive-in (the what?).

And I loved that her first “concept word” was “happy.” I picked her up and she just turned to me, smiled, and said, “Happy!” Here I had been, pointing out all kinds of physical things for her to learn the names of: bottle, chair, toes…but she comes up with happy on her own. Perhaps I was doing something right.

And then there was the time she pretended she hadn’t learned how to read in school. We were in the car (we were always in the car, it seems) and she had just seemed to lose interest in trying to learn, so I was talking up how great it was to be able to read (“…and you can read anytime you want…”) and she has this odd look on her face (“…and you don’t have to get Mommy to read to you…”) and her lip starts quivering and she bursts out, “But I WANT you to read to me!” And then the big confession. Such a sweet girl, always.

And there was the dress-up kit and all the little girls running around being princesses…and then there she is in a prom dress, then a wedding dress, now a maternity dress.

And while the pregnancy seems like the biggest thing in the world (no tummy-puns intended) – all good moms know that it’s the living itself that is important and how we help our kids find their way in this crazy world. And though I imagine that she has a few doubts and uncertainties, when I look at my daughter – who she is, what she believes, how she thinks – all I can say is that she’s ready for this. She’s going to be the best mom in the world.

Yes, Baby Girl, it does seem like forever and like no time at all. Welcome to the Mommy Club.

Me? I’m…happy.




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1 Martha Kight June 25, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Why you gotta do that to me at work? BLUBBERING like a – well, like a baby. 🙂

Auntie M. is really looking forward to be Great Auntie M. What a THING it will be, holding our baby’s baby. I cannot wait to sing to her. <3

2 Cin June 25, 2012 at 12:47 pm

You, who can make an entire theatre full of people weep, are asking me this question? Making people cry happy tears is a worthwhile endeavour, my dear.

As for the singing, better you than me! 😉

3 Michelle June 25, 2012 at 3:35 pm

<3 :')

4 Suzy Riley July 2, 2012 at 6:20 pm

This has been my favorite picture of you since the first time I saw it. Happy? Oh yeah! 🙂

5 Martha July 7, 2012 at 11:19 pm

And now, having caught up with Chel’s Cinnabun blog, I’m sitting here all googly again.

Today I held my friend’s 2-week old Jane when I went to take them dinner – their friends started a dinner pool, and we all signed up for a night cooking them food, or ordering out for them, etc.
Meeting Miss Jane, who is a delightful tiny person, only mad eme thing so much more about our tiny upcoming Avery.

Oh, my good, good, goodness!! :”””}

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