Unseasonably Chilly

by Cin on April 20, 2011

Spring is trying to make it here.  Skies brighten up for a few days and then cloud over and then brighten up again. It’s exasperating to hope for warm days and be surprised by a sudden chill.

The weather is again mirroring my life.

I have been surprised and puzzled by the coldness with which some people regard others, how they can take an unforgiving stance against an individual they’ve had problems with, or hold a completely unyielding grudge, or jump to the worst possible conclusion about a friend, or totally condemn someone on very skimpy evidence.

Although none of this has been aimed at me (crossing my fingers here), there have been too many unexpected bursts of cold showing up when they are least expected. It has been as disheartening as, well, snow in April.

What is this? Where is the warmth, the sun?

Sometimes seeing traits in others gives you insight to your own life. And seeing all of these spirits encased in emotional ice made me look at my own life, checking for storm damage. Yeah, there’s a bit of that.

So I decided to do a little spring cleaning of the soul.

Life happens. Not everything is nice. Not everyone is nice. And there are people that I won’t work with, loan money to, or live with again. But this week a few boxes of resentment went out the door along with a couple of useless grudges. Cobwebs of regret were swept way. And I found a few places to plant flowers to enjoy in the future.

The sun’s coming out. I can feel it.


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