Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry

by Cin on March 8, 2011

“Today I met the boy I’m gonna marry
He’s all I’ve wanted all my life and even more…”

Today is the anniversary of the day The Best Man and I met five years ago and we are celebrating, because what’s more worth celebrating than love?

He gets me. He just does. From the very beginning, he saw that unique spark that makes me different from everyone else – and loved it.

He also wanted to nourish that spark: to provide a supportive environment to just let me be myself, to grow and thrive and live fully. And I’m blooming. Together, we create life and love and happiness.

He is my earth. I am his sun. And all is right with the universe.

“(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” written by Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector, and Tony Powers. Performed by Darlene Love. Video by disneydreams89.
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