Somebody’s Baby

by Cin on February 20, 2011

There are a bunch of “kids” running around out there in the world who have been part of my life through the years. It was fun watching them grow up and it’s fun seeing them pursuing careers and raising young families. So I was on Facebook the other day and one of my favorite kids, who is now a mother of two, posted the following status about her daughter:

“..when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for awhile. Cause girl you’re amazing. Just the way you are.”

And then another one of my kids commented that she changes it to “boy” and sings it to her new baby son. And it made me smile. Because when you become a mom, something funny happens to certain love songs – they become about your kids.

The first time it happened to me was a bright summer day. I was getting my month-old daughter dressed and a Jackson Browne song came on:

“…just look at the girl with the light coming up in her eyes. She’s got to be somebody’s baby. She must be somebody’s baby. ‘Cuz she’s so fine. She gotta be somebody’s only light, gonna shine tonight…”

Yeah, it’s from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but it took on a meaning for me far beyond surfer dudes and high school crushes because there was a new light in my life.

The Facebook post was three weeks ago, but ever since I’ve had this image with me of young moms and dads all over the country singing to their little ones that they’re amazing, just the way they are. And that’s expanded to moms and dads throughout time singing to their babies. And that makes me happy. And it reminds me of another song:

“I got sunshine, on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I got the month of May. I guess you’ll say, what can make me feel this way?”

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1 Romie February 20, 2011 at 6:01 pm

Yep – 100% accurate, sing love songs to my kids (5 and 1) all the time!

2 Cin February 20, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Just love that you do that. Makes me smile. <3

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